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> the president and congressional republicans playing the blame game over poor spending cuts. >> this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. snow rain and cold temperatures make a mess of roads in southern california. hundreds of vehicles were trapped on a highway north of los angeles. as pope benedict prepares to step down the buzz is growing an american could be next in line. apple is the latest victim of cyber attacks, with the same malware that hit twitter and facebook. all that -- >> you want a catfight oh we have a catfight a pair of brooding bobcats -- and all that matters. >> you don't need 30 pounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> ooh nah, joe biden being joe biden. >> on "cbs this morning." >> pizza shop owner is offering anyone who carrying a gun or shows a concealed weapons permit 15% off their order. >> i hate to break it to him but every store has that discount.
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? >> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is on assignment. at bea ma is awarning people will lose their jobs and services will be slashed with budget cuts. >> we are nine days away from the deep automatic spending cuts. bill plante is at the white house. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning and good morning out west. well, republican congressional leaders say that if the cuts happen they'll be the president's fault even though some of their members want the cuts. the president says that he doesn't want the cuts either. in the next few hours he'll be talking to local tv reporters to as one official here put it continue to turn up the pressure on republicans to compromise. >> this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> reporter: with just over a week until the cuts take effect the president's placing the blame for the sequester squarely at the doorstep of republicans
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in congress. >> last thing our families can afford right now is pain imposed unnecessarily by partisan recklessness and ideological rigidity here in washington. >> reporter: officials tell cbs news the president will hit the road between now and the march 1st deadline to argue his case campaign style for averting budget cuts. he wants to close tax loopholes that mostly benefit the wealthy in order to get more revenue. if the sequester takes effect it will mean $1.2 trillion in automatic across the board spending cuts, including $46 billion of the military's budget for this year. republicans continue to insist that if that happens, it's the president's fault, not theirs. in response to mr. obama's remarks tuesday, house speaker john boehner said the president offered no credible plan that can pass congress only more calls for higher taxes. but within boehner's own party, there is disagreement on whether the sequester is a danger or a silver lining.
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>> not only should the sequester stand, many pundits say the sequester's far short, that we need $4 trillion in cuts. >> reporter: and as washington argues over whose fault the cuts will be if they happen, nearby local governments, home to federal workers and contractors, worry that massive layoffs would cripple their economies. >> we don't need to wait to see the white in their eyes to start responding because of the potential that we see. this challenge is real and real right now. >> with the deadline still nine days away there's a lot of posturing going on and no sign anyone is trying to make a deal. officials tell us there are no secret negotiations under way. one reason for that the obama administration thinks it is winning this debate and public pressure will force the republicans to give in. charlie, gayle? >> bill plante thanks. also in washington cbs news political director john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> put this thing in context for
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us in terms of what we are talking about and what we're not talking about. >> well you know it's a good point. step back here. what we're not talking about in this sequester is the actual long-term drivers of this deficit problem, and so as people look at this fight, which is the 900th chapter in the constant fights over the budget what's happening is a debate about dumb cuts to a portion of the budget and everybody agrees they're dumb in terms of just being blunt, a portion of the budget that really isn't driving the long-term deficit problem and that long-term, those long-term costs are health care costs so we have washington can't agree on these funds, they really can't agree on the harder fights of long-term health care costs that are part of entitlements. >> what are the short term and long-term gains either party can get? >> politically the white house thinks they have the upper hand polling shows they have better approval rating in congress. that's the short term game but
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in the long-term picture economies tend to be talked about by the presidential terms and what the white house worries about is this economy which is struggling would really take a hit if the sequester took effect over a long period of time. that in history's eyes not only would the middle class be hurt but in history's eyes that makes the obama economy weaker and that's not a great legacy item for this president. >> john, with nine days and counting and no talks scheduled on either side do you think it's inevitable that it's going to happen? >> it's inevitable we'll get to march 1st. the question is whether a deal will be something will be cobbled together after that and we've talked about these budget fights as a game of chicken. it's really a game of uncle, which side is going to buckle to the pressure first. >> who wins and loses in the blame game with each party blaming the other? >> well i mean they both lose in terms of the country looking at them. the republicans seem to have lost, be losing more. they're trying to reorder the
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argument here and connect with people's fundamental feeling about the size of government and especially with tax time coming, people paying the big tax bills and wondering what they're getting for it. that's the hope for republicans but so far the polling has shown the president with a stronger hand here. >> john dickerson thank you. >> thanks, charlie. now to kansas city missouri, where a natural gas explosion caused the inferno that devastated a downtown shopping district. police are searching for possible bodies in the rubble. affiliate kctv is at the scene in kansas city. >> reporter: the explosion rocked the upscale kansas city community just after 6:00 p.m. local time on tuesday. the towering blaze engulfed an entire block and injured over a dozen people some severely. just hours before the blast, many in the area had been complaining of a strong smell of gas. >> we finally called the gas company. they came out, they checked inside our building and said that we needed to evacuate.
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it wasn't two minutes when we were grabbing our stuff and the ex-motion hit and explosion hit and it hit you like a shock wave. >> reporter: it may have been triggered by a contractor hitting an underground gas line during construction. after one of the most popular restaurants of the city j.j.'s was destroyed by the flames kansas city's mayor is counting his blessings. >> i was there four or five times a week and at 5:30 on a tuesday night that place would often be packed so i was really praying that that wasn't the case, and i don't believe it was. i think we were lucky in that regard. >> reporter: j.j.'s had been cleared out by authorities before the explosion, but late tuesday, search teams were still combing through the smoldering rubble. >> we have had cadaver dogs on the pile and they have not indicated that they have made any hits whatsoever. >> reporter: the fire officials just confirmed to us one of the missing persons has been found so the focus shifts to finding that second person and with more& daylight they plan on bringing in cadaver dogs and heavy machinery to assist in that
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search. for "cbs this morning," dave hall, kansas city. in south africa this morning, dramatic new testimony at a hearing for oscar pistorius. he's a double amputee runner accused of murdering his girlfriend. police say they found testosterone and needles in his bedroom. emma hurd is at the courthouse in pretoria this morning. emma, what is the latest? is. >> reporter: another day of dramatic evidence. the rain pouring down outside the court, and inside the detective leading the investigation told how he was called to the pistorius home the early time valentine's day morning, there he found reeva steenkamp's body lying at the bottom of the stairs. he said she was wearing white shorts with a black tank top and said that her body was covered in towels. he said pistorius told him he thought there was a burglar. he said he didn't say much else
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at the time. in court the athlete sobbed as detectives described how she had suffered three bullet wounds to her body in three places on the right side one in the head one in the hip, another in the elbow on her arm which broke the bone. he said that he would have had to have fired through the bathroom door at such an angle that it was extremely difficult to do it. now, oscar pistorius wept throughout much of this evidence as he heard the witnesses and heard the arguments as he heard a neighbor has heard shots being fired and then a female screaming before more shots were fired, and then the defense went in hard with their cross-examination, forcing the detectives to admit that one of the witnesses had been about a quarter of a mile away. there was discussion about this supposed discovery of testosterone. the defense claims it was a herbal remedy. the detectives admitted there
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were no wounds on steenkamp's body and his family seemed relieved as this court hearing continues. charlie and gayle, back to you. >> all right, emma hurd thank you. there is no relief in sight for drivers today. the average price of regular gas is now $3.76 a gallon. today is the 34th day in a row that gas has gone up. manuel bojorquez is at a refinefully woodbridge, new jersey. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. nationally gas prices have gone up nearly 46 cents during this current run-up. it's all about supply. hess is shutting down this refinery while other facilities have had production problems. fires at two different chevron refineries in california are bad news for drivers on the west coast. while in the northeast, lingering effects of superstorm sandy continue to pinch gas
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supplies. >> $60 just to fill the tank up. >> reporter: many plants typically go down for routine maintenance during winter months when colder weather means fewer drivers on the road. other refineries are switching over to produce summer gasoline a special blend that reduces pollution, but costs more. >> i'd say we'll probably peak out as a country between $3.80 and $4.10. there will be some hot spots, the upper midwest, the great lakes has a potential to go well above $4 as does california. >> reporter: this is the time of year when gasoline prices typically start inching up. for example, over the last two years, gas has been almost 10% more expensive in the spring than in the fall. this year the increase has come earlier than ever. >> the investors and the speculators and get in and chase the prices higher. it's like moving up the oscars or the grammies? >> what can we do but pay, but pay. pay. pay. >> reporter: gas producers along
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the gulf have plenty of it but can't get it to where it needs to go fast enough. >> we don't have enough ships to move refined products from port to port so a place like the u.s. east coast is not getting gasoline necessarily as rapid of a pace from the gulf coast because the ships are too expensive to move it. >> reporter: one thing people can do to pay less at the pump is to drive more fuel-efficient vehicles but so far, the high gas prices do not seem to be factors into consumers' buying habits. in january the two top selling vehicles were pickup trucks. gayle and charlie? >> manuel thanks. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife will be in court today in washington. they're expected to plead guilty to charges they spent more than $700,000 in campaign funds for personal use. jay levine of our chicago station cbs2 is in washington. jay, good morning, good to see you.
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>> good morning. court starts in 30 minutes and we're expected plea agreements signed by jackson and his wife sandy, once one of chicago's political premiere couples. now a troubled marriage with the former congressman wining and dining a washington restaurant hostess, but it also went to things like furs and jewelry, furniture and other personal items including tens of thousands of dollars worth of bruce lee, martin luther king jr., michael jackson and other celebrity memorabilia. even though his wife is labeled a coconspirator only the former congressman is charged with the actual conspiracy. jackson, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder considered and rejected an insanity defense before agreeing to the deal where it will be up to a federal judge to sentence him from anywhere from probation to five years in jail. jackson had first tried to protect his wife and mother of their two young children but couldn't as she cosigned tax returns understating their income. in the end his resignation from congress and guilty plea may
7:14 am
have led to much less serious tax fraud charges against her. both apologized in statements issued last week and are hoping his mental disability and their strong records of public service will convince the judge that their fall from grace and perhaps token time in jail for him may be punishment enough. charlie, gayle? >> jay speaking of the judge, how much discretion does he have? >> total discretion charlie. as you know he has the ability, responsibility to accept or reject that plea agreement and then after a presentence investigation he'll decide which of the range of sentences from probation to five years in jail from him, from probation to about a year and a half in yale for her will be the actual sentence in the case. >> jay levine thank you. general john adams will not be the next commander of u.s. and nato forces in europe. in a surprise move the former commander in afghanistan announced tuesday he's retiring to take care of his wife. he was cleared of any wrongdoing
7:15 am
in the e-mails with a florida socialite. last fall he talks with "60 minutes" correspondent lara logan. >> i get the feeling sitting here talking to you, listening to you that this is not just a job. it's not about the next promotion. you're carrying this campaign in your heart? >> yes, i am. i came here believing this would be the last job i'd ever had. i don't care about anything beyond this. this is what's important to me. i almost can't remember ever having been anywhere else. this is completely consuming for me. and i'm dedicated 24 hours a day to these magnificent troops to the afghans, to this cause, and ultimately to the successful completion. this is very personal to me and i take it very personally. >> in a statement, he says retiring because of his wife's health is "the only choice i could make." time to show you some of the morning's headlines, "the washington post," the supreme court will argue on how much a
7:16 am
person can donate to campaigns and political action committees. it is the first finance case to go before the court since the stroefrsial stroefrs controversial decision citizens united rug in 2010. a 22-year-old college student went on a shooting spree in california. he carjacked a truck, shot and killed three people and wounded more. it ended when the gunman committed suicide. the motive is not known. the new york times" says deaths from drug overdoses continue to climb for the 11th year in a row, rose 4% from 2010 prescription drugs were involved in more than half of all overdoses. "the new york post" says documentary maker ken burns scored a legal victory. new york city wanted to have him hand over over unreleased films but a judge ruled the material is protected by reporter's privilege. some mac computers used by
7:17 am
apple employees were infected with malicious software it's the latest sign apple is becoming increasingly vulnerable to hackers. a winter storm warning for the mountain areas in california. yesterday north of los angeles a 60-mile stretch of highway 58 had to be shut down. there were also crashes and stranded cars on mountain roads in northern california. rough going in minnesota, high winds caused near whiteout conditions. an suv was going too fast and rolled over. the driver wasn't hurt but he did get a ticket. i guess he didn't get the driving lesson you have to adjust your driving to the weather conditions. >> indeed. >> you know that. >> otherwise -- all right. we are catching a break from the stormy weather but look what it's left behind. a little more snow on the mountaintops there, if you want to check that out before that all begins to fade away a little later on today. mount diablo looking nice and white. looks like as we head throughout the day these cold temperatures are going to warm
7:18 am
up nicely but back down to the 20s in some of the north bay valleys right now. 30s and 40s elsewhere an patchy frost at the coast. this afternoon 50s and 60s with mostly sunny skies. next couple of days just a couple of passing clouds should stay dry. >> a : this national weather report sponsored by the u.s. postal service. schedule your free package pickup today. a state trooper is cited a
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deadly crash but the case is crossed out in a two-minute court hearing filled with laughter. >> do you agree with the dismissal? >> why not. i'm eager to please. >> this morning, details of the case that has some people furious. how did eight men drive into an airport in behm jum and drive out with $50 million in diamonds? was it an inside job? plus government gridlock reaches outer space. how our inability to get anything done in washington can interfere with our >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by usaa serving the financial needs of current military
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a deadly accident involving a florida state trooper sparked outrage last year. no a courtroom video is adding salt to one family's >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi,everyone. good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. the chp will help patrol the streets of oakland through march and april. the oakland city council voted last night to pay for the extra patrols that have been free since november. two water main breaks in san francisco this morning the worst at mason and filbert streets. quite a mess. water is off in that area and a bus bridge is running on the
7:25 am
mason street cable car line until they get that repaired. and investigators are looking for the cause of a fire in the diablo neighborhood near danville this morning it started in an apartment above a garage. everyone got out safely. they are mopping up now. got traffic and weather for this wednesday right after the break.
7:26 am
a crash on oakland northbound 880 is cleared. a big improvement from just about half hour ago. right lane was blocked for gosh an hour. bay bridge now upper deck traffic typical stuff backed up through the macarthur maze. if you are heading eastbound 80, one lane is blocked. there's a stalled big rig approaching treasure island. and it's stacked up trying to get on to the lower deck. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> skies nice and clear around the bay area this morning. looking like a dry day if you are heading out but it is a cold beginning to the morning. storm clouds moved into
7:27 am
southern california where they are causing problems down there but us, we have that cold air left behind some 20s and 30s in parts of the bay area and patchy frost even toward the coastline. by the afternoon, we are expecting highs in the 50s and 60s. a little breezy. but lots of sunshine. next couple of days just some passing clouds but looks like we stay dry through the weekend. am i allergic to any medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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how did russia even get this amazing footage. >> motorists have turned to dash cams for physical protection. >> a fighter chopper fly-by or a fighter jetfully-by or, i don't know, tanks! how unfazed are russians?
7:29 am
even their cows in a mass cow tipping just [ bleep ] get up and they're like -- >> they take everything -- i haven't been to russia. do they take everything in stride in russia? >> i think that's the deal. a top official is out of a job and others may be in big trouble. it all stems from a deadly accident caused by a
7:30 am
7:31 am
looking or put each other rather than justice. >> cbs news accident jack porter is life. good morning. >> good morning. >> what happened here? >> it's sort of difficult to get a handle on it. first of all, you have to realize. it's not unusual. the officer didn't show up. that can happen. sometimes that happens. also it's not terribly unusual that the victims apparently weren't given notice so that they were not there.
7:32 am
sometimes that stuff falls through the cracks. it wasn't unusual. based on courts i've been in it's the first time its listing with all the things taking place for a judge to say we're going to dismiss the charges. in the case is've been in the judge says, look i'm sorry you're here, the investigator is sick and apparently they dropped the ball on these others we're going to reschedule it. after a while if they don't show up, the court will say, okay, i'm going to dismiss it. that's what's curious about this, it get dismissed when the investigating officer was ill. >> but it has to be hard for the families to see the police officers laughing in court. who was most responsible for the charges being dropped? >> well, right now it was a combination of things but the judge made the decision i will dismiss these charges. but as i said before it was
7:33 am
this unusual set of circumstances. the getter doesn't show up because he was ill. >> the other question is why didn't one of the other officers? >> well that's not necessarily a problem. it looks bad. people can bring supporters if they want to. another officer can't stand up and say i'll handle the case. it has to be an officer who ran the case sunshine involved. >> exactly. so, again, so much of this looks and feels awkward and uncomfortable. it can be explained. it is unusual to have these charges dismissed out of hand. >> now what happens? >> there is some possibilities. a lot of courts have administrators who can overstep and oversee things like this. they can say, this shouldn't have happened this way. they can ask to have it reset.
7:34 am
if they still don't show up i could see it being dismissed. >> thank you, jack ford. the manhunt continues in new york for eight gunmen who pulled off one of the biggest diamond heist in recent memory. that i stole some $50 million in jewels from a plane minutes from takeoff at an airport in brussels. good morning to you. >> good morning. it sounds big. $50 mill. but in diamond speerks it isn't. they represent about the most concentrated form of wealth tll is. if you're a thief intent on stealing a lot of value in a small package, it's hard to do this better than the diamond. >> $50 million in diamonds. >> the diamond world is buzzing over the heist but not shocked. massive values of diamonds are
7:35 am
assessed and shipped every day through antwerp less than 50 miles from brussel's airport in the center of the diamond market which hand dls about $250 million daily. the thieves knew where the weak link was, the airport fence which they cut through. apparently described as police officer s, they made it there swiftly. they brandished weapons but didn't need to fire a shot. they went straight for the diamonds destined for zurich be which hadn't gotten there. the only evidence left behind a burntd out van. greg campbell is a writer on diamond crime. >> i think in terms of brazenness this is highly ranging. in terms of the amount of loot
7:36 am
they got away with it still comes in pretty big. >> reporter: it was clever but not that cler. stolen don't get the value like real ones. still 20% of a big number sa big number which is why de-monday theft a real industry. >> i would say that compared to other heists in the past this was less oceans eleven because it wasn't as elegant as other crimes that have taken place in aunt western plains plus it had taken place at an airport. >> this thinking is the theevs will have a buyer or buyers lined up and who knows, maybe a hollywood agent. >> mark i saw both of those
7:37 am
movies. what's the most fats nating thing for you? >> so much crime these days is cyber krierjs identity theft, skimming off the top from atms and that kind of thing. this one is like an old-time heist, breaking into the airport, stealing stuff and take it away. it's kind of like the old days. >> thank you, mark. i expected to see your homie george. now a kroy sis threat chbs the technology that warned of katrina, sandy, and other disasters. that's next
7:38 am
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from my story.
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the government is scrambling to deal with the satellites that are about to die. it could mean life of death consequences to us here on earth. chip reid is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. it's a bit of a scandal going on and it's something that they've known about for quite some time and it is now finally hitting the fan. as hurricane sandy moved up the atlantic coast last fall government forecasters accurately predicted it would slam first into new jersey and then new york city inflicting massive damage there and beyond. without that advance warned which led to mass evacuations there likely would have been more injuries and deaths. it was made possible in large part by a system of five
7:43 am
government satellites that orbit the earth from pole to pole. the satellite bristles with cameras and sensors and send back information to everything from wind formation and clouds and sea currents. the system will soon be in peril. some of the satellites will begin to cease functioning next year while replacements are not due to be launched until 2017. there is a high probability that the satellite system will be fully operational for at least 17 months. >> the prediction of the path of superstorm sandy would have shown it going out to sea and not hitting new jersey at all. >> reporter: another example is the 2010 east coast storm known as snowmaggedon. without the forecast the forecast would have been for 10
7:44 am
inches less snow than actually fell. they blame the crisis of more than a decade of chronic government mismanagement. gao primarily faults the national owes annic and atmospheric administration. in a stamtd a noaa spokeswoman toldtold cbs news is to continue providing review to those asking. those mitigation plans include trying to move up the launch date of the satellites or relying temporarily on defense. even with that they say there will be a satellite gas. the next
7:45 am
very chilly this morning. gale all around the bay area, skies cleared out nicely that storm system has made its way into southern california. but we're going to be nice and dry outside today but a cold start as those temperatures have plumed into the 20s in the -- plummeted into the 20s in the north bay valley. 41 san francisco. and some widespread frost. by the afternoon, today it will be dry and warmer, 50s and some low 60s. next couple of days just a few passing clouds but a little bit warmer, staying dry now right through the weekend. stopping deadly melanoma can come down to early detection. dr. holly phillips shows why the battle just got some much needed help. >> this is the newest design to fight against skin cancer. we'll show you how it works coming up on "cbs this morning."
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7:50 am
we went out there and had great rounding off with rahm and jim. it was a good play. >> their force included ron kirk and houston astros owner jim crane. reporters were not allowed to see any of it over their objections. i would have loved to have been there. i would have loved to have caddied for either of them. >> would you have said he needs good in golf? no. he's pretty good. former speaker newt gingrich joins us right after the break. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" is brought to you by lifestyle lift. light up your life.
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald are looking for the cause of a house fi good morning, everyone. 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on some bay area headlines now on this wednesday. investigators are looking for a cause of a house fire this is near danville that apparently began in an apartment above the garage there. it was the smell of smoke that woke up the homeowners around 4457 this morning. they got out -- 4:45 this morning. they got out safely. firefighters had trouble because the burning apartment was so small. san francisco dealing with two water main breaks this
7:55 am
morning. the most severe of the two at mason and filbert streets. water service in that area has now been shut off until they can get it all repaired. might take some time, too. >> got your traffic and weather coming up next.
7:56 am
good morning. bumper-to-bumper traffic towards the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze. 20 minutes to get on the span. if you ride the powell mason muni line it's shut down because of a water main break near the north beach neighborhood in san francisco. they are using buses instead. otherwise bart no delay. to the south bay now, northbound 280 approaching bascomb there is an accident there blocking the left lane. slow through downtown san jose. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. nice and clear around the bay area very quiet day weather- wise but it is cold out there. we have some patchy frost showing up in some of the valleys. even some reports at the
7:57 am
coastline. clear to the golden gate bridge. 27 degrees though right now in napa. 35 in livermore. 32 in santa rosa and 41 in san francisco. by the afternoon, should be a warmer day and dry, to 50s and low 60s. next few days just a few passing clouds but should stay dry through the weekend. and the first part of next week. is condhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death.
7:58 am
speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. it's 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." automatic spending cuts are nine days away. republicans say bring them on. we'll ask former house speaker newt gingrich why he agrees with them. doctors have a new tool to catch the deadliest form of skin cancer. we'll show you the device that could save thousands of lives every year, but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> with the deadline still nine days away, there's still a lot
7:59 am
of posturing going on and there's no sign that anyone's trying to make a deal. >> president obama is warning americans about across-the-board budget cut soon to kick in. the president warns people will lose their jobs and services will be slashed. >> we've talked about these budget crises as game of chicken. it's actually game of uncle. which side will buckle under the pressure first. >> a natural gas explosion last night. >> police and cadaver dogs search for possible bodies in kansas city. another day of dramatic evidence. oscar pistorius, and detectives describe how she had suffered three bullet wounds to her body. detective admitted there were no inconsistencies in pistorius version of events. his story is relieved. >> gas prices have gone up nearly 46 cents during that current run-up. it's a supply problem. a search is on for eight gunmen who performed the biggest diamond heist in recent memory.
8:00 am
they stole $50 million of jewels from a plane. >> what's fascinating about this four. >> so much crime these days is cyber crime, identity theft, skimming off the top from atms and this type of thing. this one is like an old-time heist. >> new reports show that chinese hackers could one day take out america. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by allergen. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is on assignment. dramatic revelations this morning for double amputee oscar pistorius. >> pistorius is charged with shooting and killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. police admit they haven't found any inconsistencies in his story. today's hearing has just ended and we go to pretoria, south africa. >> reporter: it's been another
8:01 am
day of dramatic evidence in this case with the detective in charge of the investigation describing how he found the body of reeva steenkamp at the bottom of the stairs in oscar pistorius's house. he said he fired four shots at an angle deliberately to kill hem and then the defense went in hard with the examination forcing the detective to concede there were no inconsistencies in oscar pistorius's version of the incident. there was talk of the substance found at his house. the police say it was testosterone. defense say it was a herbal remedy. emma hurd for cbs news, pretoria. >> a massive explosion and fire has devastated a 90-year-old downtown shopping district in skis, missouri. police say one person is missing after a popular restaurant was destroyed at country club plaza. more than a dozen others were hurt. trained dogs are serving for possible victims. witnesses reportedly say they smelled gas for hours before the blast.
8:02 am
>> president obama is warning americans of the heavy toll from across the board spending cuts. in nine days, $85 billion will be chopped from this year's federal bunt unless congress makes a deal. so far that's not happening. bill plante is at the white house. bill, good morning. >> charlie, good morning. as the deadline looms, the president is placing all the blame for the sequester at the doorstep of republicans. top administration officials tell cbs news that the president will hit the road between now and the march 1th deadline to argue his case campaign style to avert budget cuts. republicans continue to insist that if the across-the-board cuts happen, it will be the president's fault and not theirs, but even within the republican party there is disagreement of whether the sequester is a danger or maybe a silver lining. meanwhile there's no sgn of a deal. administration officials say there are no secret talks under way and the white house thinks that it is winning this debate and that public pressure will force republicans to give in.
8:03 am
charlie, gayle? >> bill, thanks. former house speaker newt gingrich if the federal government is so bloated, budget cuts might actually be a good thing. he's out this morning with a blistering critique of top strategists in his own party. newt gingrich is with us now from chicago. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> you have said that billionaires and strategists should not be picking candidates and that they may have too much influence. who are you talking about, and what did you mean? >> well, look. in a news letter, people are saying the idea that karl rove has of creating some super p.a.c. to go out and basically pick republican senate nominees for example, is a terrible idea. we don't want to become a party
8:04 am
where a handful of political bosses gather up money from billionaires in order to destroy the candidates we don't like and that's what you're talking about. when you get involved in these primary fights it's all negative advertising. all by outsiders. i think this is a very dangerous model. the fact is last year we lost nine u.s. senate races that we could have won. there's some very serious thinking we need to do across the states. but it isn't gathering up more money by washington consultants for them to hand pick across all 50 states the people they think should be in the u.s. senate. >> are you also critical of the koch brothers and the money they spent in the election of 2012? >> i'm not critical of people who get involved in the election between the two parties. if you're in a general election and both sides have access to a lot of resources, if you direct your resources against the other party, i'm very critical of the idea that you're going to see other people -- you see it here in chicago where mayor bloomberg of new york is spending millions
8:05 am
of dollars to affect the democratic primary here. we need a campaign reform that really does allow the candidates to raise the money directly so the candidates can spend the money. the rise of all these super p.a.c.s very dangerous to the long term health of our society. >> i want gayle to get in here in a moment. you're also critical of the running of the 2012 campaign because they were not nearly as sophisticated in the techniques they used in understanding america and how to reach america. >> sure. look. i think this is problem of the republican core party. i think the senator has moved this in the right direction but a lot of consultants are kidding themselves about how big the gap is. the obama campaign today is about eight years or ten years ahead of the republican party in very fundamental effort to understand the country. this is a country that's younger, more latino, more asian
8:06 am
american and african-american than strategists can deal with. and as a result we're noncompetitive at the presidential level. we're in great with governors. we're not doing well at the presidential level. >> what do you hope will come of the criticism? are you hoping they will engage you in conversation? >> i hope first of all the major donors will think long and hard before they turn lots of money over to consultants that lost nine senate races that we could have run. and i hope second that the entire party will come to a conclusion that the republican party has to be capable of competing in all of america in reaching out to every part of the american society and then providing better solutions than the democrats provide. you can't just be an opposition party. you have to be a party that has a better alternative. this is what i did in the '70s and '80s and '90s. i'm back to doing it again. it's a little unfortunate but it's a very important role to have.
8:07 am
>> before you go you were in chicago with david axelrod who called the godfather of gridlock. what do you say to people who see you as the godfather of gridlock that we're in? >> i say we passed welfare reform, four consecutive balanced budgets. we got a lot done. >> speaker. >> we were very tough but we got a lot done. >> to be discussed at a further date. thanks so much for joining us in chicago. >> thank you. good to be with you. joe biden had a message. yesterday biden was asked if tighter gun control could make it harder for law-abiding people to protect themselves. here's what the vice president did. >> if you want to protect yourself, get yourself a double-barreled shotgun and have the shells of a 12 gauge shotgun and i promise you, as i told my wife we live in an area that's
8:08 am
wooded and somewhat secluded. i said, jill, if there's ever a problem, walk out, put that double-barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you whoever's coming in is not -- you don't need an ar-15. it's harder to aim. it's harder to use. and, in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> biden also said he learned gun safety from his father who was a hunter. this morning we have a new map of the happiest and unhappiest states in america. the researchers studied 10 million twitter messages counting happy and sad words. they added them all up and made this map. happy states are red, sad states are blue. by maine, nevada, utah, and vermont. louisiana is the saddest state ahead of mississippi, maryland delaware and georgia. it looked like new york was in
8:09 am
blue. >> britain's prime minister is defending the duchess of cambridge of a some nasty comments. in a speech earlier, i hadry called kate middleton a shop window mannequin whose only role in life is to breed. some say her words were taken out of context. yesterday david cameron called her remarks wrong and misguided. >> i've seen princess kate. in her public duties and olympics. she's bright, she's engaging, a great character, and a brilliant ambassador for briton. >> i think that's the way the brits feel about her too. >>
8:10 am
new technology can save you from the deadliest form of skin cancer. we'll see why it's more effective and easier on you. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by allergan. talk to your doctor today about chronic migraine. today about chronic my grain. maybe you'll have some friends over for dinner. maybe you'll have a migraine. if you have migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may have chronic migraine. but knowing this thing you're going through has a name means knowing you can find treatments
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8:14 am
there is a high-tech breakthrough in the battle against melanoma. it's the deadliest form of skin cancer claiming another victim every hour in this country. but the disease is curable if it's caught early. dr. holly phillips shows us this lifesaving tool. >> as dark as i can get. it didn't matter. just darker the better. >> 33-year-old victoria was always tan, from the time she was a kid through her 20s. >> and i look back and regret it. >> but now victoria's choosing
8:15 am
to be proactive. >> it's important to do a mole check. >> reporter: today she's having her twice yearly full skin check to look for early signs of skin cancer. >> this is one spot here. i'm just going to look at it with any flashlight. >> reporter: to look for signs of melanoma the most deadly form of skin cancer, the doctor is using a first of its kind device just approve by the fda. >> it's been a deal changer for my practice. >> reporter: doctors try to catch melanoma early, when it's most curable. >> that's when we want to catch it and the hardest to catch. >> reporter: up till now, doctors relied on biopsies to suspicious moles, a process that can be traumatic for patients. >> not everybody wants a scar. some people don't heal well. >> reporter: it emits a light that penetrates beneath the surface of the skin. then the device takes double digital pictures which are sent to a computer and andized.
8:16 am
it calculates a score whether a biopsy should be done in under a minute. how accurate is the device? >> in the clinical trials it was 98.3% sensitive, and that beats our naked eye. >> reporter: victoria had one mole that was especially concerning. >> it's low, below 1, and that's a really good score. >> reporter: but the computer showed it was low risk. >> so you might have biopsied this otherwise. >> yes. >> reporter: she'll need to have the mole re-examined in six months but today's she happy with her clean bill of health. one less stress for me to worry about. >> dr. holly phillips is with us. i've never been checked. who should be checked and how often? should i wait to see something before i go? >> absolutely don't wait to see something, gayle. one of the most important things to know is is that mell nona and skin cancer in general can strike everyone people of all ages races, people of color, we are not immune to skin cancer. the musician bob marley died of melanoma at a young age.
8:17 am
all of us need to get checked every year regardless. >> every year. >> every year. >> any age. your dermatologist, just get a full skin check, whether or not they use this device. right now the device is only in 200 doctors' offices nationwide. >> is it covered by insurance? >> not yet, not unusual for a new procedure. $160 out of pocket right now, but hopefully insurance starts to pick it up. >> great to have you here. some of this year's oscar hopefuls are based on a true story, but a congressman thinks hollywood is going too far in the name of drama. we'll show you why on "cbs this morning." >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by campbell's healthy request. it's amazing what soup can do. beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:20 am
all that matters took 51
8:21 am
years ago today, john glenn, millions of americans were glued to their tv. he was in a space race with the soviet union. we have new information on one of the most important parts of the economic recovery housing. plus we'll see why the battle over
8:22 am
mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ]
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get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ ♪ >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. 8:25 your time. a coroner is working to identify a body found in san mateo county. a hiker stumbled across the body on monday. the remains had human. a san francisco cable car line repleased by a bus bridge to a water main break early this morning. water flooded the intersection
8:24 am
at mason and filbert before 3 a.m. as you can see, it was a mess. the area residents don't have running water at this time. crews will dig it up to replace the broken old water main below. >> danville fire investigators are trying to figure out what started an early-morning house fire this morning. fire crews say it may have started in the apartment above the garage. it was the smell of smoke that woke up the homeowners. about 4:45 this morning, they did get out safely. firefighters say had trouble because the burning apartment was very small. >> got your traffic and weather on this wednesday coming up right after the break.
8:25 am
♪ yeeeowwww! hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ your'e a hot kind of love you set me on fire yo icu sp me upy night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapenos, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ your'e a-a hot mess ♪ and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess ♪
8:26 am
come to jack in the box today and try the new hot mess burger that's loaded with spicy jalapenos, onion rings and gooey, pepper jack cheese. good morning. we have a couple of busy spots in the east bay. first out towards 880 it's been a slow ride for much of the morning. we had a crash by downtown oakland and now we had a stall reported northbound 880 by high street. anyway, it looks like this back to 238. southbound is moving at the limit. elsewhere down the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 looks slow from hercules all the way down into berkeley now. there was an earlier stall approaching central in richmond. so the drive time is nearly 40 minutes between the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> a quiet start to the morning weather-wise. the storm clouds have headed south into southern california. they are seeing rain and snow there. we are drying out but very cold outside. nice live cam from our mount
8:27 am
vaca area. the temperatures running in the 30s and the 40s. we have some patchy frost still and look at the mountains, still some snow above our hills. as we head toward the afternoon, we are expecting breezy conditions coastside, 50s and low 60s. the next couple of days a few passing clouds but should stay dry staying dry through the weekend. ack ! this is what it's like... paying full price for a hotel room. and this is what it's like getting a high-end hotel room for 45% off published prices... ... with travelocity's top secret hotels. ooo, tingly.
8:28 am
land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up "lincoln" was made up. we'll see why he's defending his home state and we'll show you o'oscar films messing with the facts. >> a piece of world war ii is found off the coast.
8:29 am
we'll go underwater to see the hellocat. "the washington post" says the postal service is going to extremes. it's called rain heat arcnd snow. but you can't buy it at the post office. it will be available at the premium department store. so charlie, should we order you those blue shorts? is that a no? >> that's a know. the detroit freese free press says detroit is on the verge of collapse. detroit is billions of dollars in debt. it topped $300 million. governor rick snyder is now expected to appoint an emergency manager to watch over the city's finances. the new york times says last week's meteor in russia broke an online record. all of the meteors blasting across the sky were watched more than 138 million times. a monitoring company says no one
8:30 am
has ever reached 100 million hits so quickly. "the wall street journal" say mayweather is jumping ship. he'll be fight guerrero. workers who feel engaged tend to do their jobs better and they're willing to do the extra hours. they also tent to stay at their jobs longer which in the long run saves their boss money. >> discount me on that. >> me too. the oscars are days away. many face controversy because of its historical inaccuracies. >> reporter: it's the drama at the heart of the movie. president lincoln failed to persuade and inspire members of
8:31 am
congress to abolish the 13th amendment to ban slavery. but lincoln had more votes than the filmmakers led on. in the movie two connecticut representatives voted nay on the amendment. in fact, 148 years ago the connecticut delegate voted for it. >> we're talking about slavery here. this is not a vote on you know aproving a highway project. >> reporter: he said the inaccuracy denigrated the state. >> what i still, you know can't believe is being overlooked is that a vote is not dialogue between characters in a movie. a vote is an event. >> reporter: lincoln screen righter tony kushner admitted to changing the votes to clarify that the 13th amendment passed by a narrow margin. he soiled i hope nobody gets
8:32 am
upset by imagine edd, encounters and invented characters. in argo, some of the scenes never happened including daringess scape from i rachblt and then there's this year's most controversial nominee. >> i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you. i'm going to break you. do you have any questions? >> "zero dark thirty" about the killing of bin laden. senior members of congress claim scenes showing tore tour to get intelligence never happened. >> hollywood is not known as the truth factory but the dream factory. >> people who criticize these movies think well the audience will be fooled. i think the opposite is the case. those who go to the movie, even if it is true in the end is a
8:33 am
just a movie. >> reporter: and when it comes to voting for best movie, it didn't hurt previous winners from "gladiator" from the movie considered to be the biggest whopper of them all," shakespeare in love." i think when it's attached to political maef is when it matters. >> reporter: "lincoln" they say is different. filmmakers went out of their way to get it right. made several trips to washington and incomp rated norj nal sounds from 1865 into the movie. for "cbs this morning," i'm jan crawford from washington. from hollywood ee view of history to washington's view of politics they say people's brains are wired plit lick i and that can can shape political rules.
8:34 am
he's head of the brain stimulation lab in south carolina. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> explain why that is. the way your brain is determine wls you'll be a republican or democrat? >> well it does in part based on interesting and new research as well as a study my students and i conducted at the university of south carolina we can pretty much say unequivocally the brain is wired differently. >> how so? >> we actually scanned the brains of 12 democrats and 12 republicans an then we compared the squans between the two. we stuck them in a scanner and we found serious differences. generally speaking democrats tend to value the connections they have with their friends and the world. i think facebook and the world around you and republicans tend to place more value on the social connections they have. so republicans have this
8:35 am
connection for the -- >> how is it expressed differently in the imaging of the brain? >> what we did is focus on one particular brain network that we know is involved in different racial interactions. it's really activating this network in my brain. look specifically at the network and the connectivity. >> do you think we're bon this way, the way you were raised or what you're exposed to? >> it's really a nature or nurture thing. the strength of your convictions, whether you're a republican or democrat that's driven bygenetics. which parts identifies with that's a neuter thing. mighter like what your parents were. >> i'm skeptical of this. >> yes i understand that a lot of people can be skeptical about
8:36 am
this. you know political neuroscience, for example, is only about ten years long. what we do as scientists is make predictions. run experiments to make sure the predictions are true and have the stats to back them up. if there's one thing you can't argue with is statistics. >> let me duo to the president and what he said about the brain. how important is that and what will we do for it and whoo might be the coppsnsequences? >> i might be a little biased. i'm so glad he came out with this kind of mission. i wark out with the victims who have had strokes drarksic brain injury. we're learning a lotter it and how organization occurs and if we can use it to help people recover, we can use it to break up this political gritlock. >> and you say you can't argue
8:37 am
with stay ticktisticstatistics. it can predict within 83% of the time whether you're a democrat or republican. >> i'm with charlie on that. >> i got you. that's not actually from my study, but if you look at people's parents, you can look at that with 70% certainty what that child is going to be. you can bump it to 83%. >> all right. professor. thank you for coming. >> sure. thanks for having me. >> a mystery from world war ii is discovering off the florida coast. we'll show you the fighter plane accidentally found under
8:38 am
8:39 am
jo in . in new jersey an assembly man named charles manor, he got himself into some facebook-related trouble. this is a lit of facebook pages
8:40 am
he's liked since the beginning of the year. paint ball authority, big booty freak. and when he was asked about this he said i doubt very strongly i did something like that which is politician code for i absolutely did that thing you mentioned and he quickly unliked the pages on his facebook but he said he had to ask his daughter for help. hey, honey, could you help daddy unlike the big booty's freak page? i don't know how to do it. >> oak. home okay . okay. home prices are up. the numbers for january out this morning and rebecca jarvis joins us with a look. this is good news. >> we do see good news. what we learned in december is there's new homes being built across this country at the fast pace since june of 2008. the pace slowed down a little
8:41 am
bit in the movement of january. the reason we really care about this number it's the most important thing when it comes to housing. how many new homes are being built because usually builders don't go out and build a new home unless they're confident they can sell it. that's good news for home values and construction jobs which have been under deep pressure over the course of the great recession. rew e do see home prices rising forecloses falling. you buy a house and start putting things in that house. it helps people. >> there's confidence and demand and contractors are builds thing. how about the availability of money for people to get a mortgage? >> that's still a big part of it because people have to have really strong credit scores in order to get the baste rates on mortgages and we do see them climbing a little bit, but when you look at it it's about
8:42 am
location, location, location. when you look at a map of the country right now, you can see home prices are dramatically up in certain states like phoenix and arizona where as in new york prices are down 1.2%. whether you're a buyer or a sell never this market, pay attention to that location. it's not even just the city level or state level, you have to go very local. you have to figure out what's happening in your neighborhood. >> and what do you need to do to make sure you get a good deal? >> charlie pointed out the idea of access to money. you need to have a good credit score right now. you also need to think about that price. 30% below the peak price. that's a good teal on a home value. also you have to think about staying there. we learned this in the great recession and the housing crisis. people who are planning on flipping homes are the ones who got burned. those buying for the long term
8:43 am
the value eventually in most cases is going up but you have to plan on staying there at least five years. >> and the budget fight going on in washington do you think that's going to affect it? >> he thinkings it will. they offer foreclosure counseling and vouchers. in particular if it's going to impact the housing market it will impact the lesser housing math because unfortunately these are programs that really help individuals. >> thank yu. good to see you. a surprise discovery off the coast of florida dating back to more than 50 years to the ward war 2 airii era. chip reid goes underwater. >> reporter: people people board add mini submarine about the size of a compact car. after a safety check, the
8:44 am
company that owns the subs initiated our descent. it held like a slow agendale ride on an elevator. in less than ten minutes we were on the ocean floor. then with guidance from a vessel on the surface -- we followed the sloping floor downward until suddenly -- there it was. half buried in the sand. >> we're now on the bottom of the atlantic 240 feet down off the coast of miami and that ice a anyway navy f 6 f hellcat that was lost between 1943 and 1972 when 79 planes disappeared in this area. the trick now is to figure out which one this was. he discovered it purely by
8:45 am
chance while inspecting artificial reefs for miami-dade county. at first he thought it was a shipwreck but then it showed the unmistakable shape of an aircraft. she took extensive notes and dozens of photo graphs. >> there are a lot that break up. this is intact so this is great. >> it rules the skies of pacific, destroying more than 5,200 japanese aircraft. for man 1,200 very produced but few are left. >> we have two goals when we're looking at things. one is to try to identify and tell the model ace part and try to find the individual aircraft's number. we also want to assess its
8:46 am
condition. >> reporter: 79 hell cats were lost off the florida coast. if brown determines this one went down with the pilot onboard they'll attempt to deliver it up and deliver the remains to the family. it could be months before we have answer. this mini sub captain says nothing beats the underwater thrill of stumbling on something different. >> it's really quite a shock. you never know exactly what you're going to find. >> reporter: rush who had originally wanted to explore space as an as trow naught says he now believes there are even more mysteries under the sea. for "cbs this morning" aboard the am tip tees off the florida coast. >> watching that i have two things. you take a story we might not
8:47 am
have seen. but the other is how fascinateling the oklahoma cities are and the more we do of this kind of explanation including our fascination with world war ii i think of the scientists who go there fooking for one thing and come up with something else. that is amazing. that's a story you'll only see on "cbs this morning." i like that too. when we come back it was one of the most famous commercials ahead on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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the fiern things in life are affordable like gray pew upon mustard. it adds distinctive flair to beef, pork and poultry, sandwiches and of course sandwiches. so enjoy one of life's finer pleasures. >> pardon me, would you have any gray pew upon? >> of course. >> gray pew upon one of life's greatest pleasures. >> i love that commercial. you remember the old gray pew upon ad where one drives up to the other and says pardon me.
8:51 am
it's back on after a 16-year twist. that makes sense because the spot is going to run during the academy awards on sunday night. you seem like you like gray pew upon, mr. rose. >> i do i do. hot dogs. >> me too.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your kpix 5 headlines on this wednesday. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire in the diablo neighborhood near danville this morning. it started in an apartment above the garage there just before 5:00 a.m. everyone did get out safely though. city leaders in oakland are giving the go-ahead to a few more weeks of extra police patrols from the chp.
8:54 am
councilmembers voted last night to approve $162,000 to pay for the program. highway patrol by the way has been supplementing the oakland police department for free since november and now they will be paid. and parking at giants home games is about to get more expensive. starting march 4, metered evening park will go take effect near at&t park. meters will be 25 cents an hour from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekday nonevent days but for games and other events it will cost you $7 an hour. so bring your quarters. might have to leave the game to feed the meter. here's lawrence now. we had snow yesterday and sunshine today. >> yeah, a lot of sunshine around the bay area this morning. it is dry out there now. the storm clouds have moved out but look what they left behind. nice dusting of snow over mount diablo and yeah, it's going to all melt away so enjoy it. look towards the mountains if you get a chance. 30s and 40s now. by the afternoon expecting temperatures to be in the 50s and low 60s. the next couple of days just a few passing clouds maybe a little warmer but should stay dry now. looks like they will stay dry right through the weekend.
8:55 am
we are going to check out your "timesaver traffic" coming up next.
8:56 am
good morning. northbound 101 approaching tully look at all these slow sensors. an accident blocking three lanes they are working to clear it now. in the meantime it's stacked up for at least an exit and even beyond tully road 101 to san jose. southbound 680 towards alamo approaching livorna road accident blocking one lane and
8:57 am
our speed sensors are picking up slowdowns below 24 miles per hour at the interchange. a traffic alert eastbound 37 to eastbound highway -- interstate 80. that ramp remains closed. they are doing some clean-up there. and if you are riding the nimitz freeway, northbound is slow from the coliseum up towards downtown. have a great day.
8:58 am
>> rachael: today... [cheers and applause] >> rachael: first lady michelle obama is popping in for a visit. >> this is my mid-life crisis the bangs. >> rachael: she's not here to borrow a cup of sugar. >> i have a question for you, i'm always asking you to do stuff. will you join me? >> rachael: i'm packing a bag as we speak. then...we have them all strapped in. >> i know. it oddly feels good. >> rachael: "survivor's" jeff probst is taking a lie detector test. >> i feel guilty already. >> rachael: no we are not giving him immunity.
8:59 am
do you obsess about your hair? >> yes, and i just got a new haircut. >> rachael: and a new book. "slow cooker week" week is cooking up steam with help from the lovely nigella lawson. >> this is ridiculous. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> rachael: hey, everybody. how are you? today's show is a lot about answering your questions and hopefully solving a couple problems and we're going to start the show by playing a little "q & ray." up first, we have -- i knows, cute, right? q&a and "q & ray." up first, a question from a viewer, brittany james, she tweeted us. when i'm making
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